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Hotel Los Apus Hotel & Mirador







Please contact us for any info you may need.

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You will need your passport (of course) valid 6 months after your departure date from Peru.





Virgen de la Candelaria: February 2nd, Puno.

Grape Harvesting Time: March 8th , Pisco, Ica, Moquegua mostly.

Holy Week: March-April, nationwide. (Dates may vary)

Labor Day: May 1st, nationwide.

Virgen de Chapi’s Celebration: May 1st , Arquipa.

Lord of Qoyllur Riti: May 23rd, Cuzco.

Corpus Cristi: May 26th, Cuzco.

Inti Raymi: June 24th, Cuzco.

San Pedro y San Pablo: June 29th, nationwide.

Virgen del Carmen: July 16th, Paucartambo (Cuzco).

Peru Independence Day: July 28th, nationwide.

Santa Rosa de Lima: August 30th, nationwide.

Warachicuy: September 18th , Cuzco.

Angamos battle: October 7th, nationwide.

Lord of the Miracles: October 18th, Cuzco.

Creole Song’s day: October 31st, nationwide.

All Saint’s Day: November 1st, nationwide.

All Soul’s Day: November 2nd, nationwide.

Puno Day: November 5th, Puno.

Los Apus Hotel & Mirador anniversary: December 3rd, Hotel.

Inmaculate Conception: December 8th, nationwide.

Santurantikuy: December 24th, Cuzco.



General health:

Do not eat at street vendors (ambulantes), as their food may not be clean enough for you.

If you get sick, please check ASAP with a doctor.


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Altitude sickness:

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The following morning you should be all right.

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Spanish is the official language all over Peru.

Quechua is spoken in the Andes but most of the people do speak Spanish.

English is mostly spoken in tourism related environment.